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April 9, 2009

New french publication

My new book came out of the press.
It is a french book I illustrated, written by Nicole snitselaar.
The title in english would be "Colors for Tomorrow"
You can now find it in french bookshops.
The story is about a little Inuit living in a near future. Because of the climate change, there is no more colours in his life and environment... Until the day he fishes an exotic fish...

You can buy it online : - -
Everyone could be concerned by this book, with such a theme.
That is why I would love to see it translated in other languages.
If any Editor passing by, would like to know more about this book,
I would be delighted to be in touch with him.


  1. oh how cute!!! wonderful work!!! tres bien!

  2. Congratulations for the new book and good luck with that!

  3. Nice illo and very very nice website you've got..original and lovely to navegate in there!

  4. felicitations!!!the cover look so great!And the fact that the little eskimo get a recife tropical fish...lead to many many questions:))
    I also love the exceptional cromatic-sense revealed in Mamie-Melo´s cover:etoné(this is the word?better said TOUCHÉ!!!)!