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April 30, 2009

The Cover

I finished the illustrations for my french children's book
coming out in july Mamie-Mélo et les oiseaux.
Here is the cover of the book :

April 28, 2009

My other sheep...

The one I created are back home !
They have been travelling in Belgium to be printed and in France at the Publisher's office : Balivernes Editions.
They will be sold in many french bookshops from May.

April 27, 2009

A new book this summer

... The story of this little and funny Chocolate Cow will be published this summer in french!
My author partner wrote us a funny story! Thank you Nicole!

April 24, 2009

My sheep...

won a photography contest on Virginie's blog !
I am proud of them ;-)

Sorry I do not have many illustrations to show you these days...
I may have good news soon !

April 20, 2009

Monday morning...

Mamie-Mélo would love to stay in bed...
But she has to work!Illustration taken from "Mamie-Mélo et les oiseaux",
children's book to be published this summer, in french.

April 14, 2009

"Mamie-Mélo et ses oiseaux" will be soon...

in french bookshops !

My book project has been choosen by a french editor.
It will be published this summer.

The author Nicole Snitselaar and myself are very happy !

I already worked a lot on this project,
that explains that there is no much new illustrations
on my blog nowadays...

I hope I will be able to show you soon the book's cover.

We would love to find editors interested in publishing
the book in other languages. Don't hesitate to contact me if you do !


I would like to wish a happy birthday to Nicole and me !

We met just one year ago, and since, we have had great adventures together, just like many books projects !
For this occasion, Mamie-Mélo cooked for us ;-)

April 9, 2009

New french publication

My new book came out of the press.
It is a french book I illustrated, written by Nicole snitselaar.
The title in english would be "Colors for Tomorrow"
You can now find it in french bookshops.
The story is about a little Inuit living in a near future. Because of the climate change, there is no more colours in his life and environment... Until the day he fishes an exotic fish...

You can buy it online : - -
Everyone could be concerned by this book, with such a theme.
That is why I would love to see it translated in other languages.
If any Editor passing by, would like to know more about this book,
I would be delighted to be in touch with him.

April 4, 2009

New organisation

Dear english speaking visitors,
I created here an english version of my blog so it will be easier for you.

I will upload it as often as my french one

Of course I have not been able to upload all my old articles you can find there, so you can still visiting my old creations at this address :

But in the future, articles written in french overthere will appear in english here !
Feel free to write comments, I will be happy to know what you think of my works !

And good news :
New magnet I illustrated sold at Libellulobar !

April 3, 2009

My first book in English : 1, 2, 3, Hiku!

The children's Book "1,2,3 Hiku!" I'm illustrating,
written by Nicole Snitselaar will be my first book in English and
published by an English publisher.
For the moment I only had french book's. I'm so happy to enlarge my lector's circle !

Here are for illustrations of the book.
I don't know the coming out date already. I will tell you as soon as I know !

Children's book projet : "La vache Chocolat" - The Chocolate Cow

This project is looking for an editor...

French children's book coming out in May 2009 : "101 Moutons au chômage" - "101 Sheep on the dole"

This book is looking for publishers interested to buy the rights for other languages than french.
Feel free to contact me or the Publisher Balivernes Editions for more informations

April 2, 2009

French children's book coming out in Summer 2009 : "La Girafe de mer" - "The Sea Girafe"

This book is looking for publishers interested to buy the rights for other languages than french.
Feel free to contact me for more informations

French children's book projet "Tout Seul !"

Here are illustrations of a new children's book project.
The story takes place in a henhouse and is written by Géraldine Collet.

April 1, 2009

My blog in english

Hello dear visitors,
I'm opening a blog written in english to make a translated copy of my french blog of illustrations :
Coralie Colorie

I won't translate all my old post, so if you want to see more you can visit, wether my french blog Coralie Colorie wether my portfolio in English.
I do hope you will enjoy your visit.

Here are illustrations of my new book coming out this month (published in French by Gecko Editions) : "Des couleurs pour demain", "Colors for tomorrow".

This book is looking for publishers interested to buy the rights for other languages than french.
Feel free to contact me or the Publisher Gecko Editions for more informations